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Potential Collegiate Athlete Info

Information for Potential Collegiate Student Athletes


All student-athletes expecting to play NCAA Division I and II athletics must meet initial eligibility requirements established by the NCAA Clearinghouse.  Check out the NCAA Eligibility Center for more information at


The requirements for certification are ALWAYS changing.  Please check the NCAA Clearinghouse for the most current and accurate information.


To view the current list of approved courses for RBHS click on “Prospective Student-Athletes” then click on “List of Approved Courses” in left margin.  Enter RBHS High School Code 143655.


It is necessary for a student to register with the NCAA Clearinghouse for certification at the end of their junior year or beginning of their senior year.  To register, go to the above website and click on “Prospective Student-Athletes”.


The NCAA requires a national test date for the ACT.  Please request that your scores be sent directly from the ACT agency itself.