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Dual Enrollment at Triton College

Courses build toward a certificate at Triton College! Students can earn both high school and college credit by taking certain approved courses on Triton’s campus. Each Fall and Spring term a schedule of dual enrollment courses will be offered. Students should meet with their counselor to discuss options and qualification requirements. After the course is completed successfully, RB and Triton credit will be awarded. Tuition, books, and all fees are covered by District 208. Students must successfully complete the course with a C or better or they will be billed by the district for all costs incurred.
Classes run ~8:30 to~10:30 AM (Periods 1-4), 5 days per week.
Dual Enrollment Cohorts
Criminal Justice (Semester 1 - CJA 111, 171, Semester 2 - CJA 148, 166) - Earn 12 hours of college credit towards the Law Enforcement Certificate which is designed to improve the job-related skills of persons already engaged in the field of criminal justice by providing an opportunity to concentrate on courses, which relate directly to their career needs or to prepare for an entry-level position in law enforcement or associated fields. Provides the student with sufficient coursework towards earning the Associate in Applied Science in Criminal Justice Degree. (Total certificate is 27 credit hours) Slide Deck, Video
Education (Semester 1 - EDU 207, 200, Semester 2 - EDU 110, 215) - The Elementary Education Associates in Arts Transfer Pathway is designed for students interested in teaching at the elementary, secondary, or special education levels. All course requirements are the same regardless of which pathway you choose: Elementary Education (grades 1-6); Secondary Education (grades 9-12); and Special Education (grades Pre-K-12). Our education programs will provide you with an optimal learning environment that provides small class sizes, innovative teaching techniques and real-world field experiences in our on-site Child Development Center or at high quality programs and schools within the community.  Slide Deck, Required Zoom Meeting  
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EMT (Semester 2 only EMS 131) - Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) are trained in basic emergency skills and rescue techniques based on the guidelines and recommendations of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) National Standard Curriculum & the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Division of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Upon completion, students become eligible to take the national exam. Students will receive training from the American Heart Association (AHA) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Emergency Management Institute (EMI). Slide Deck, Required Zoom Meeting
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Fire Science (Semester 1 - FIR 101, 121,123, Semester 2 - FIR 102, 122, 125) - The Basic Operations Firefighter Certificate is entry-level employment training for students looking to start a career in the fire service, in addition to those needing basic-level firefighter training for an existing career in the fire service. Certification through the Illinois Fire Marshal requires the applicant to be a rostered member of a fire department. Upon successful completion of the Basic Operation Firefighter Certificate, the graduate will be able to define the roles and responsibilities of an Illinois State Fire Marshal: basic operation firefighter, hazardous material awareness, and technical rescue awareness. Slide Deck, Required Zoom Meeting 
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Engineering Technology / Welding  (Semester 1 - ENT 106, 110,  Semester 2 - ENT 107, 116 ) - The Engineering Technology/Welding Certificate program provides students with welding skills in a shop setting. Students are taught welding processes, such as ARC (Stick), Metal Inert Gas (MIG) and Tungsten Gas (TIG) welding, in various welding positions. In addition, students learn blueprints, other fabrication processes needed for employability and sheet metal layout/fabrication. Graduates find entry-level employment as entry-level welders, solderers, and braziers, as well as apprentice-level industrial maintenance mechanics. Slide Deck, Required Zoom Meeting
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Nursing Assistant(CNA) The Nursing Assistant program will provide the opportunity for students to earn 7 hours of college credit towards the Nursing Assistant Certificate. This certificate is designed to prepare nursing assistants to provide care in various health care settings under the direction of a registered nurse. The program includes development of fundamental nursing skills through lectures, laboratory activities and clinical experience. Students may also complete elective courses to gain knowledge and practical skills in ethical and legal responsibilities, medical terminology, venipuncture, and electrocardiography. Slide Deck, Required Zoom Meeting
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