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The Student Services Department at Riverside-Brookfield High School works collaboratively as a team to provide the best possible academic and emotional support with care, empathy, and passion to all students.  Through our genuine effort and commitment, students will realize and embrace that they are each special and unique and will strive to be the best they can be as members of the RB community and of society.  The members of our team also provide support and assistance to other faculty members and parents as we are all working towards helping our students feel valued, important and successful.   
Beth Augustine
Assistant Principal for Student Services
Direct: 442-8355 Ext: 2143
April Englehart
Student Services Assistant
Direct: 442-8401 Ext: 2190
School Counselors

April Brown 

Email April Brown

708-442-7500 Ext. 2196

Jim Franko 

Email Jim Franko

708-442-7500 Ext. 2355

For appointments:


Melissa Carey 

Email Melissa Carey

708-442-7500 Ext. 2197

Mike Reingruber 

Email Mike Reingruber

708-442-7500 Ext. 2320

For appointments:


Paul Emerson 

Email Paul Emerson

708-442-7500 Ext. 2141

For appointments:

Renee Thomas 

Email Renee Thomas

708-442-7500 Ext. 2308

For appointments:


School Counselor Intern

Lauren Madamba

Email Lauren Madamba

708-442-7500 Ext. 2157



School Social Workers


Janira Marquez 

Email Janira Marquez

708-442-7500 Ext. 2329

For appointments:


Mitch Zilinger 

Email Mitch Zilinger

708-442-7500 Ext. 2317

For appointments:


Christine Tappert 

Email Christine Tappert

708-442-7500 Ext. 2195
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Social Work Intern

Maribel Martinez

Email Maribel Martinez

708-442-7500 Ext. 2334


School Psychologists

Lisa Hayes 

Email Lisa Hayes

708-442-7500 ext 2373

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Pushpa Winbush

Email Pushpa Winbush


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McKenzie Sopoci 

Email McKenzie Sopoci

708-442-7500 ext 2250 

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