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 At Riverside Brookfield High School we believe that student attendance is an integral part of the educational process. In addition, we believe that no classroom activity or experience can ever fully be replicated outside that time and place of its environment, so students need to miss as few classes as possible. Student absences can hamper course progress and lead to increased work for students and teachers in attempting to make up for lost experiences. Every course emphasizes the participation of students and needs their committed, regular presence to allow for the greatest educational success. It is the responsibility of parents/ guardians to ensure the regular attendance of his or her child. In partnership with the school, parents can instill the positive habit of responsibility and reliability in their student which regular daily attendance fosters. The attendance policy outlined in this section of the handbook complies with Illinois School Code and is designed to develop the most responsible, successful students possible. Regular class attendance will help to develop habits of self discipline and responsibility which translate into greater achievement academically and in all areas of life.


It is the parent’s or guardian’s responsibility to call the Attendance Office by 10:00 a.m. on the day of the absence for the student to receive full make-up privileges. Parents or guardians may report absences by calling the RBHS Attendance Line, 708-442-8407, 24 hours a day. Failure to call within 24 hours of the absence will result in an unexcused absence. Any deviation from this procedure must be discussed with the Dean and is the parent’s or guardian’s responsibility. Only calls from parents or legal guardians will be accepted. The following information must be provided to excuse the absence for valid cause:

  • Parent / Guardian must identify themselves
  • Student name
  • Reason for the absence

If a parent/legal guardian anticipates being out of town and, therefore, will be unable to provide official notification of a student absence, the parent/legal guardian must provide written documentation of the adult designated to approve student absences. This written notification must be turned into the Attendance Office prior to the parent/legal guardian leaving town.