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Emergency Response (After Hours)

Emergency Response Information For Non-School Hours


Dial 9-1-1 if you are ever in need of any emergency assistance, or that you feel the situation is life- threatening.

The building is identified as: Riverside Brookfield High School, 160 Ridgewood Ave, Riverside, Ill. Always know the location of the nearest exit from the building, as well as the exit route to that door.

Alternate routes should also be determined in advance of any emergency. Building Map and AED Locations.

Emergency information posters are located at the doors of all venues. Read and review these posters to familiarize yourself with appropriate responses to potential emergencies.

Follow the procedures listed below in the event of an emergency.

In case of a:

Medical Emergency:

  • In case of an accident, serious illnesses, or injuries, please dial 9-1-1.

  • Describe the emergency to the 911 Operator and stay with the injured party until Emergency Personnel arrive.

  • Refer to the map above for AED locations below:

 AED Locations: Athletic Area Foyer (Gym, Fieldhouse, Pool), the Weight Room, Rooms: 139, 151, 228, and 272, Stadium (South end near restroom wall), Auto Shop Foyer, and Athletic Training Office.

Note: The AED should only be used by a trained AED user for the intended purpose of an AED, unless the circumstances to not allow time for a trained AED user to arrive. If an AED is used, immediately inform the building principal, designee, or event supervisor of the emergency. 



  • If a bomb threat has been received, evacuate the building immediately, while dialing 9-1-1.

  • Locate yourself as far from the building as possible until an all-clear has been given by



  • Exit the building immediately through the quickest and safest route available. Do not re-enter until an all clear has been given by the fire department.

  • Once outside, dial 9-1-1.


  • If there is a life-threatening situation involving an intruder with a weapon, you need to secure yourself and your group within the venue you are located or another safe and secure location.

  • Stay out of sight and away from any windows and keep quiet.

  • Do not respond to any fire drills during this time.

  • Dial 9-1-1 immediately.

  • Stay put until local authorities confirm the threat no longer exists.


  • Following the directions on the Emergency Poster located on the wall in your venue, proceed to the basement level immediately and secure yourself in any hallway or room available.

  • Stay low to the ground and away from all windows until the threat has passed.