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Student Services » Social Work and School Psychology Services & Referrals

Social Work and School Psychology Services & Referrals

Social Work Services

School social workers provide counseling support and services to students who are struggling with emotional, behavioral, academic or social issues that may be interfering with their school work or impacting peer and family relationship.  Social workers assist students, families, staff and the community with appropriate resources to provide services that will help a student succeed academically.
What issues can a social worker help me with? Who can refer a student to a social worker?

Feeling stressed or anxious
Family changes (i.e. divorce, separation, etc)
Family stresses
Self-esteem issues
Academic difficulties
Substance abuse
Peer pressure and changes in friendship circles
Bullying & harrassment


*Any person concerned about a student can
make a confidential referral to a social 

 Counseling services may include but not be limited to:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Teaming with counselors and other staff members
  • Referral to community services
  • Prevention and intervention education
  • Assisting in completing a functional behavioral assessment as well as assisting in the development of positive behavioral intervention strategies

Janira Marquez

Social Worker 
Direct 442-7500 Ext 2329
To schedule a virtual or phone appointment:

Chrissy Tappert

Social Worker
Direct 442-8448 Ext 2195
To schedule a virtual or phone appointment: 

Mitch Zilinger

Social Worker
Direct 442-8496 Ext 2317
To schedule a virtual or phone appointment:

School Psychological Services

School psychologists are members of school teams that support students’ ability to learn and teachers’ ability to teach (adapted from the National Association of School Psychologists). As part of the Student Services team, they provide both direct and indirect services to students, some of which include:
● Meeting individually with students, to help improve their executive functioning skills.
● Providing students with social emotional supports and crisis intervention, as and when needed.
● Using data based decision making to identify at-risk students and match their needs to supports available within RBHS
● Facilitating small groups to address social emotional concerns, such as anxiety, motivation, and emotional regulation.
● Consultation with teachers to help problem solve students with academic, behavioral and/or social emotional concerns.

Lisa Hayes

School Psychologist
Please click HERE to schedule a phone or virtual appointment 

Pushpa Winbush

School Psychologist
Please click HERE to schedule a phone or virtual appointment