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Incoming Freshman Health Requirements

Physicals and immunization records must be submitted to Health Services by September 15th. It is important to schedule an appointment with the student's primary care physician as soon as possible in order to meet the necessary deadline. If for some reason you are unable to schedule an appointment before that date, an appointment needs to be scheduled and in order to not get excluded we will need a doctor's note stating the appointment date and time.

*ALL Freshman Must have a completed State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination/*current* within the last calendar year*

(A Sports physical does not serve as a School physical, though a School physical may serve as a Sports physical)

Below is the complete incoming freshman packet that needs to be completed to its entirety.


Students with health needs during the day:

  • Any medication required during the school day, including over-the counter medication, requires a Medical Authorization Form (located in Health Forms) and must be stored in the health office (the only exception are epinephrine auto-injectors, quick relief asthma inhalers and diabetic supplies/insulin)
  • Students with asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, and life threatening allergies require additional medical documents located in the Medical/Emergency Action Plans
Electronic submission of health documents is preferred. You may fax the health documents to
(708)442-0129 OR email documents to [email protected]
If you are unable to submit health documents electronically, please drop them off at Riverside Brookfield High School.
Please ensure you keep copies of all health documents for your personal records.