District 208 Board of Education Reorganization

Last night at the Special Meeting and Proclamation of Results of the April 7, 2015, Consolidated Election and Organization of New Board of Education meeting, the four candidates who ran unopposed were seated. The four Board members are John Keen, Garry Gryczan, Timothy Walsh, and Laura Hruska.

The Board reorganized and a new president and vice president were elected. Mike Welch was elected as President, and Matt Sinde was elected as Vice President. Mike Welch thanked Matt Sinde and John Keen for their time and service as past president and past vice president of the school board for the last four years and said they did an amazing job for the District.
Mike also stated, “As President of the Board, I want to serve all the stakeholders of the District while continuing to improve the opportunities and experiences for the students at RB.”