School Profile

The Community

Riverside Brookfield High School is located just 13 miles west of Chicago. Students attending RBHS come primarily from Riverside, North Riverside, and Brookfield. Residents of these communities are largely professional, semiprofessional, managerial, proprietary, and skilled workers. The community passed a $58 million referendum to expand and renovate the school building which was completed in the spring of 2010. In 2015, the Board of Education used $14 million from a combination of life safety funds and a capital development grant to address health and life safety items required by the state and build a new athletic complex.

The School

A total of 84% of the 109 professional personnel hold a master’s degree or beyond. The school year consists of two semesters, with the first ending December 17, 2021, and the second ending May 25, 2022. Classes meet five days a week and earn one-half credit each. Students must carry a minimum of five classes and may take up to seven classes during the regular school day. When offered, summer school sessions are three weeks each. The mean academic class size is 26.87. The student to teaching faculty ratio is 19.3:1. The student to all certified staff ratio is 15.2:1. Recent curricular innovations: 1:1 technology initiative beginning with the class of 2019, academic support teams, Professional Learning Communities, school/college partnership agreements with Loyola University and Triton Community College, Reading and Academic Vocabulary in the Content Area, Co-teaching, and, Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS).


• Named Google for Education Reference District (2017)
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