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Meeting Times: Fridays at 7:20am-7:50am in Room 211
Sponsors: Melissa Gordon and Kevin Dybas
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Club Description and Mission Statement:
RBHS Math Team is for students who enjoy exploring & having fun with mathematics. Members are students who are at or above grade level in their high school math course & enjoy competing with other students. Math Team practices include solving & discussing math problems to prepare for competitions throughout the school year. Our mission is to provide a mathematical experience beyond the classroom for interested students and expose them to existing mathematical talent outside of RB.  We have three competitions each year; Lemont Invitational, ICTM Regionals, and ICTM State Competition. If you are interested in joining, please see Mrs. Gordon in room 212, Mr. Dybas in room 211, or come to one of our Friday morning meetings.

2023-2024 Competition Schedule

  • Lemont Invitational - Wednesday, January 31 @ Lemont High School (4:30 PM - 9:00 PM)
  • ICTM Regional Competition - Saturday, February 24 @ Concordia University (7:30 AM - 2:00 PM)
  • ICTM State Competition - Saturday, April 6 @ Illinois State University (6:30 AM - 9:00 PM)

2022-2023 Math Team Accomplishments

Metro Suburban Math Team Competition
Individual Finishers:
  • Algebra 1 - Two students placed in the top 10
  • Geometry - Two students placed in the top 10
  • Algebra 2 - One student placed in the top 10
Team Finishers:
  • Algebra 2 Team, Freshman/Sophomore 8-Person Team, and Calculator Team placed 3rd
  • Junio/Senior 2-Person Team placed 2nd
  • Geometry Team took 1st place  
  • The entire team came in 3rd place.
Lemont Invitational
  • This is a very tough invitational with over 20 schools competing.
  • Junior/Senior 8-Person Team and Junior/Senior 2-Person Team placed 4th
ICTM Regional Competition
Individual Finishers:
  • Algebra 2 - One student placed 4th
Nine students qualified for the ICTM State Competition.
  • One student in Algebra 2 and the Junior/Senior 8-Person Team

2023-2024 Math Team Accomplishments