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Club Description:
Clarion is Riverside Brookfield High School's only student run newspaper.  Available at, our web site is available 24/7 throughout the school year.  Clarion also published four hard copy newspapers a year in house.

Meeting Times:
Clarion meets daily during 1st period (must enroll in Clarion course to participate).

Marc Helgeson ([email protected])



Mission Statement:

-Document daily student life.

-Inform students and staff.

-Encourage open dialogue.

-Explore controversial issues fairly.

-Uphold ethical standards and the truth.

-Examine how world and community issues affect the school.

-Publicize school accomplishments.

-Feature unique students, staff, activities, and events.

-Teach Clarion members the fundamentals of journalism in action.

-Entertain our readers.


2014-15 Editorial Staff:

Steven Baer (Editor-in-Chief)

Nick Cundari (News)

Niko Radicanin (Features)

McKenna Powers/Paul Kritikos (Media)

Kiera Donnamario (PR)

Chris Olszewski (Opinion)

Jimmy Nolter (Sports)

Cameron Yarger (A&E)

Zach Hundrieser (Lifestyles)

Robby Filec/Morgan Divittorio/Matt Arenas (Story)


"Free of Bull, Full of Bulldogs!"