Daily Bark Wednesday, September 15, 2021




Who can you reach out to at RB if you or a friend are struggling

School social worker located in student services

School counselor

School psychologist located in the math hallway

Trusted teacher



Any adult you feel safe with

RB also has a support for you line, which is staffed by licensed therapist Please text TALK to (844) 670-5838



On Friday morning, the Association of Students for Tolerance, is having their first student-led discussion:  How can we work together to fight Covid? We all want to live in a post-Covid world, but often, we have trouble finding common ground.   How can we talk more respectfully, with greater empathy, about Covid?.  Join AST on Friday at 7:10 in Room 234.  Doughnuts and kindness will be served."


Spanish Club will be having a meeting this Friday, September 17th at 7:30AM in Mr. Tinoco's room 207. All students are welcome to join the club, even if you are not taking a Spanish class. 


Sophomores: Jostens will be on campus on Friday, September 17th during lunch, in the cafeteria, for Class Ring Order Day.  Visit our ring display and have your finger sized for your online ordering at www.jostens.com.
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