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District 208 COVID-19 Transition Committee Stakeholder Update - June 26

RB Students and Families,

The District 208 COVID-19 Transition Committee, consisting of parents, students, faculty, and
administration met on Wednesday, June 24, 2020.

Below are few key takeaways from the committee’s second meeting to keep stakeholders up to
  • Committee Timeline - A Final decision and plan for the 2020-2021 school year will be
    communicated to the public no later than Monday, August 3.
  • On June 23, 2020, the ISBE and IDPH issued guidance for opening the 2020-2021
    school year. The committee is reviewing this 60+ page document.
  • Remote Learning: An updated remote learning schedule has been developed in the
    event the District has to implement remote learning at any time during the 2020-21
    school year. This plan would include regular face-to-face interactions with teachers via a
    virtual platform (ZOOM, Google Meets, etc..) and daily virtual office hours for teachers to
    meet with students.
  • Safety: The safety subcommittee is developing general guidelines for any “in-person”
    learning. Such as:
    • Temperature checks at arrival for all employees, students, and visitors.
    •  Masks will be required for everyone inside the building.
    • Water fountains will be shut off - water bottle dispensers will only be available.
    • Teachers will re-organize classroom layouts.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available in each classroom.
    • Increased cleaning and sanitizing by custodial staff
  • Residency - Document verification will be online. After verification, an email will be sent
    to parents for an in-person appointment during the week of August 3-7.
  • Freshman Orientation - A tentative date of August 12, 2020. Plans are still being
    developed by the Student Association sponsors. A portion will be done “in-person.”
  • Student Activities - No official update at this time. The Administration is working with the
    Instructional Coach for Fine Arts to identify safety guidelines for choral and band
  • Athletics - No official update has been issued for the 2020-21 athletic season(s) from the
View the PDF version below.