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Dr. Freytas's Biweekly Bark, 4/15

Greetings Riverside Brookfield Families and Students,
Paws-Up! I see the likes, and shares, I know you all are seeing and reading about what we are doing at RB to keep everyone informed, in high spirits, and engaged! Whether it’s through an Instagram post, a Tweet, email, phone call, or through a personal delivery, from one the Assistant Principals, teachers, or staff, we are committed to keeping you all informed, connected and supported. Here is “Dr. Freytas’s” Biweekly Bark: Updates on Grading and Key Events.
  • We practice the principle of “no harm done to students” in grading per the Illinois State Board of Education; however, students need to demonstrate to the best of their ability and accessibility, evidence of mastery, completion of work to receive credit for a class, earning grade promotion or graduation.
  • It’s possible to receive an Incomplete (I), instead of an F for failing, and have to attend Summer school either in-person or virtually, if students don’t engage in elearning, turning-in assignments and/or fail to log-in for online sessions required by teachers. Seniors, your graduation may be delayed if credits are not earned through the completion of work or demonstrating mastery as assigned by the teachers during elearning.
  • There are three possible scenarios for the final Semester 2 grade based on performance during elearning/4th quarter:
    • 1) A student may earn the same grade as the 3rd quarter grade
    • 2) Higher grade
    • 3) Incomplete (I)
  • A 50% will be entered as a place-holder for work students have not completed. This is meant to help students see a true picture of their progress toward passing 60% of their work for the quarter. Students can make up any work they do not complete to raise the 50% up to 60% or above. If a student has lower than 60% at the end of the quarter (based on the work they did not do), they will earn an Incomplete (I) as explained above.
Key Events
  • We practice the principle of “whatever it takes” when safe to do so and leveraging virtual platforms to organize, host, and support key events; however, some events have been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Prom has been canceled. Alternate date/event not scheduled yet.
    • Graduation is currently scheduled for May 22nd.
    • College Signing Day, Senior Awards and Local Scholarship Night TBD
With high hopes for a clear and updated understanding,

Dr. Freytas
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