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Club Description: The cycling club is for everyone and anyone that wants to meet other people and enjoys cycling around the community. No particular skill level or equipment (other than a bike, helmet and bike lights required for street riding) is necessary. Just come and have fun!

DAY: Wednesdays (can add another day depending on interest)
MEETING PLACE: Corner of Ridewood and 1st Avenue (on Salt Creek Trail, East side of the school)
TIME: 3:15pm 
DURATION: 1 hr 15 minutes  (1 hr cycle trip, 15 minutes attendance)
*Trip 1:  Zoo woods-Salt Creek Trail, trail meets school property, trip exclusively on trail
*Trip 2:  Cermak woods Trail (Lyons) via from swinging bridge in Riverside (mostly trail)
*Trip 3:  Street Ride around 1st district in Riverside, Bloomingbank/Fairbank (little vehicle traffic)
SEASON:  Fall/Spring dependant on weather conditions (Sept-Nov and March- May)
SAFETY: Helmets required, bike lights required for street, waivers for street,