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Bienvenue à French Club 2022-23!
What is French Club?
Our mission is to promote interest in the French language, customs, culture and all things francophone! Students will have the opportunity to meet with other students with a shared interest in the French language and culture.
When/Where Do We Meet?
French Club meets once a month for about an hour on Tuesdays or Wednesdays alternating before or after school in room 204.

What Do We Do?
  • Pétanque game
  • Language Clubs Soccer tournament
  • Presentation from students who have traveled to a Francophone country
  • Baking/Cooking competition
  • Mask decoration for Mardi Gras
  • French Dance lessons
  • French restaurant outing
  • French board/card games
  • Francophone movie/music sharing
  • Q/As for studying abroad, taking French in college, benefits of AP French, college dos and don'ts
How Do I Join?
To become a member, you only need to come to meetings! Use the Remind app to receive info and updates about meeting dates and locations.

**French Club is open to ALL RB Students! Members don't need to take French classes or speak French.**
Contact Info:     
French Club Presidents: Chloe Alexander and Emma McVicker 
French Club Vice president: Anna Caruso
French Club secretary: Hannah Frank
Sponsor: Laurence-Marie Forberg
Website:French Club QR Code
Remind App: Text “@cdg8g8” to 81010 to join!
22-23 Tentative Calendar
Sept 23 -  7:25 am Info Meeting CANCELED
September 27 – 3:150 pm Game of Pétanque  
October 10th – 3:10 pm soccer game
November 2nd  – Loto/Bingo 7:25 am
December 7th – 7:25 am Saint Nicolas-chausson
January 11th – 3 :10 pm Fête de rois- galette des rois
February 8th – 7:25 am board games
March 15th – 3:10pm French baking/cooking competition
April 12th - 3:10pm guests
May 25th  – 11:45 am French Club end of the year lunch
French Club 2021 plays an annual game of Pétanque.
French Club met on September 15th, 2020 to play an annual game of Pétanque. The masks and gloves did not prevent members from making great progress in their mastery of the game. The heat and sun all contributed to make us believe we were in Nice, France!

Next outing is set for October 6th, with a walk in Brookfield Zoo, sign up required:
French 2s learn to cure all pains thanks to lesson on body parts!
French Club celebrated la fête des rois with a king’s cake competition which our French club president Ben Harrison won. Lauren Peschke, Savannah Bishop entered delicious cakes into the competition too. Tess & Zach found the ¨fève¨ in their slices of cake and became the queen & king for the day!
French Club celebrate St Nicolas on December 5th, 2019
French club went to Feed My Starving Children on November 13, 2019. All French students in their respective classes competed to raise the most money to bring as a donation. French 2 period 7 class won with $49.55 collected and Mme Forberg will organize a Special breakfast to celebrate their generosity.
Altogether, French classes donated $ 129.49 and participated in feeding 46 children for 1 year.
Later, French Club members enjoyed a wonderfully “chic” French meal at Mon Ami Gabi in Oak Brook to celebrate their hard work and dedication to help those in need. Dr. Freytas joined in the fun and urged students to continue to be the best RB Bulldogs and make a difference everyday of their lives.
Bravo le Club de Français, merci à tous !
French Club secures its´ champion title for the International Soccer Cup at RBHS 2019
French club members play Pétanque on 9/17 on a beautiful afternoon. Dr Freytas joins and shows great form!!
French 4H/AP field trip to Architecture Tour downtown Chicago and la Sardine restaurant on August 30, 2019
French guests & RBHS hosts students enjoying their last few days together during the Bon Voyage party at the roller skating rink 4/28/19
RBHS 2019 annual Language Clubs soccer tournament.
French club regular members were assisted by 17 students from Etampes, France hosted by 17 RBHS students of French. French club keeps the trophy another year after competitive yet friendly games. April 24, 2019
French 3 class enjoying conversation about Franco American cultures with our 2 weeks high school guests from France. 4-24-19
French 4/AP class on their annual field trip to the Art Institute and la Sardine for a French day of appreciation of French arts. 4-23-19
French class hosts with families waiting anxiously for their guest students to arrive from France at O’Hare. 4-16-19
French club celebrates La Fête des Rois on January 15, 2019. Students from RB and Hauser participated in a Galette baking competition. Congrats to Savannah and Sienna (French 2), Anthony (Hauser, 7th grade), Tessa, and Azu (French 3) who won prizes for their delicious galettes.
On December 6th, 2018,

French club members celebrated St Nicolas. They made paper shoes and put them outside the classroom hoping St Nicolas would come drop candy in the shoes of the students who had been good! Somehow, Saint Nicolas traveled to Chicago to celebrate this tradition and honored the students’ wishes. Students also shared a copious potluck dinner! Merci St Nicolas ! Joyeux Noël et bonne année 2019.

French students also said goodbye to Melle Talavera who student taught French 1, 2, and 3 during 1st semester. We will all miss her and wish her a fantastic French teacher career!
French Club members, led by officers Klauss Bautista and Itzel Mancilla enjoyed playing pétanque- a highly popular game played by most families in Southern France. The warm and sunny skies helped pétanquistes feel as if they were in Marseille or Nice, enjoying relaxing conversations and fun tips on how to "pointer" ou "tirer".

The Pétanque Player Federation is petitioning to enter the game as a sport into the 2024 Olympic Games. If you want to support the candidacy, visit: French Club members could be our next Olympic Champions!!

For more information on the game, how to play and where to play in the USA:

If you want to understand how/why this game is an MUST in Provence (France), watch this wonderful video:
French Week - March 12th-16th, 2018
September 25th, 2017
French, German, Spanish/Olas Clubs Annual soccer tournament. Despite the exceptional heat that day, many students showed up to enjoy a friendly game of soccer.
August 29th, 2017
French pétanque game. Students enjoyed learning how to play this southern France summer favorite game. Many improved their skills.
International Soccer Tournament, November 3rd, 2016
The French Club was happy to take 1st place in the International Soccer Club tournament for the first time ever. Ben played as a great goalie, Cesar made a few goals, Filip, Luc, Gilles, Luis, Rytas, and Margaux were all there to guard, cheer and keep the game going. The camaraderie enjoyed by all players topped the day as German, Spanish, and Olas Club members gathered to eat snacks and refreshments. The sunny weather made it a perfect day.
We played pétanque for our first meeting of the year (September 7, 2016). The sun and steaming heat didn't discourage our members who enjoyed learning how to play and score. Hopefully, our French club will qualify to play for the US team at the next Olympic Games!
French Club Meeting of January 13th, 2016
French celebrated the Fête des Rois with the famous cake: La Galette des Rois in which a bean "fève" is hidden. The person whose slice contains the bean becomes the king/queen and has to select his queen/king and has to bring another Galette the following week-end (this is usually celebrated every Sunday in January with family and friends.
In November 2015, the French Club celebrated the 1st celebration of French week with various activities. All French classes researched and created thematic projects and many students presented them during the French exhibit proposed by the Club after school. As French students were acting as docents for the exhibit, Club members participated into a French Food Contest (student from Hauser as well as Komarek also participated). The many guests voted for their favorite recipe and prizes donated by families were awarded to the winners. Here are some pictures that were taken of the event.