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Graduation Requirements

Riverside Brookfield High School graduation requirements include a minimum of 22 units of credit. The following required subjects reflect state and District 208 Board of Education requirements.
* The Global Studies A or B graduation requirement may also be fulfilled by taking
        • Four years of the same world language in high school
        • AP World History

** For the class of 2020 and beyond: The Cultural and Global Area Studies graduation requirement may also be fulfilled by taking any one of the following courses:
        • Global Area Studies A OR Global Area Studies B
        • Sociology
        • AP World History
        • Level 4 language class at RBHS (French IV or Spanish IV)
        • AP language class (AP German, AP French, AP Spanish Language, AP Spanish Literature)

*** All students must take the Fine Arts Survey course, unless they fulfill the following requirements:
       • Annually take at least a ½ unit within one area of concentration in the Fine Arts over their four years (music, visual arts, or dance/drama).
       • A ½ unit of a performing art and an additional ½ unit of a visual art. See page 76 for eligible courses.

Units of credit are generally reflective of the time spent in class. One-half of credit is extended for a semester class, one unit of credit for a year-long class, and two units of credit for a double period year-long class. The only exception to this is driver education, which does not earn credit.