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Standardized Testing Information

Standardized Testing Information

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Students with individual questions on any of these exams or about fee waivers should contact their counselor.


This is an optional test for sophomores and juniors that serves as a precursor for the SAT exam.  It also qualifies juniors to enter scholarship programs offered through the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. Sophomores take this exam as practice and only use scores for their own planning and informational purposes.  The test measures critical reading, math problem-solving and writing skills.
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, September 8, 2021
Test Date: Wednesday, October 13, 2021
Registration ends on TBD with no exceptions. Registration for the exam is $21.  Interested students can sign up through

ACT Exams

This is a test used for college admission purposes and is typically taken during junior year.  The test includes 4 subject areas (English, Mathematics, Reading and Science) and an optional writing exam.  The test includes 215 multiple-choice questions for the four subject areas, and takes approximately 3.5 hours to complete without writing and 4 hours with writing.  
Students interested in taking this exam must sign up for one of the test dates listed below on their own through the ACT website.  
Test Date Regular Registration Deadline Late Registration Deadline (Late Fee Applies) Standby Deadline, Photo Upload Deadline
September 10, 2022 August 5, 2022 August 19, 2022 September 2, 2022
October 22, 2022 September 16, 2022 September 30, 2022 October 14, 2022
December 10, 2022 November 4, 2022 November 11, 2022 December 2, 2022
February 11, 2023 January 6, 2023 January 20, 2023 February 3, 2023
April 15, 2023 March 10, 2023 March 24, 2023 April 7, 2022
June 10, 2023 May 5, 2023 May 19, 2023 June 2, 2023
July 15, 2023 June 16, 2023 June 23, 2023 July 7, 2023

SAT and SAT Subject Tests

The SAT is a test used for college admission purposes and is typically taken during junior year.  The test includes 3 sections: reading, writing and math.  The critical reading section includes reading passages and sentence completions.  The writing section includes a short essay and multiple-choice questions on identifying errors and improving grammar and usage.  The mathematics section includes questions on arithmetic operations, algebra, geometry, statistics and probability.
SAT Subjects tests are sometimes required by colleges to help with admission decisions, course placement and course selection.  They are one-hour, multiple-choice tests on a specific subject.  There are currently 20 SAT Subject tests in 5 categories: English, History, Science, Mathematics and Languages.
Students interested in taking either of these exams on any national test date must sign up for one of the test dates listed below on their own using their College Board account.  
Test Date Registration Deadline Deadline for Changes, Regular Cancellation,
and Late Registration
August 27, 2022 July 29, 2022 August 16, 2022
October 1, 2022 September 2, 2022 September 20, 2022
November 5, 2022 October 7, 2022 October 25, 2022
December 3, 2022 November 3, 2022 November 22, 2022
March 11, 2023 February 10, 2023 Feb 28, 2023
May 6, 2023 April 7, 2023 April 25, 2023
June 3, 2023 May 4, 2023 May 23, 2023

AP Exams

Students at RBHS have the opportunity to enroll in Advanced Placement (AP) courses that are part of the AP program as administered by College Board.  Students who enroll in AP classes at RBHS are exposed to college-level material and rigor and have the potential to earn college credit for the AP course they take. Students interested in determining whether or not AP courses would be a good fit for them should talk to their counselor.  
AP courses culminate in an exam that is offered in May to determine whether the content and skills in the course have been successfully mastered.  AP Exam test dates will run from May 2 - May 13, 2022. General information from the College Board on when each test will be offered can be found HERE.