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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Riverside-Brookfield High School graduation requirements include a minimum of 22 units of credit.  The following required subjects reflect state and District 208 Board of Education requirements.


  • The 0.5 unit Global Area Studies A or B requirement may be met by taking 4 years of a World Language or AP World History for the Class of 2017, 2018 and 2019.  For the Class of 2020 and beyond, this may also be fulfilled by taking any of the following: Sociology, Level 4 or AP level of any Language class at RBHS, or a foreign exchange program (refer to Board Policy 6:310).
  • The 0.5 Fine Arts Survey requirement may be met by the following: annually take at least a 0.5 unit course within one area of concentration in the Fine Arts over the four years (music, visual arts, or dance/drama) OR take a 0.5 course in a performing art and a 0.5 course in a visual art


English (9, 10, 11, Elective) 4 units
Mathematics 3 units
Science 3 units
Social Studies 3 units
  • Western Civilization or AP European History - 1 unit
  • United States History - 1 unit
  • United States Government - 0.5 unit
  • Global Area Studies A or B - 0.5 unit

Consumer Economics or Economics or...

0.5 unit
AP Microeconomics AND AP Macroeconomics
1 unit
Health Education 0.5 unit
Cultural Studies and Applied Studies 2 units
  • Applied Arts, World Language, or Fine Arts - 0.5 unit
  • Fine Arts Survey - 0.5 unit
Physical Education (special exemptions may apply) 3.5 units
Additional Electives 2.5 units