School Initiatives

Professional Learning Communities (PLC's):

When the school has a late start every Thursday morning, teachers are meeting in PLC groupings.  The overall goal of PLCs is to improve student achievement through teacher collaboration.  Teachers come together to use data gathered in their classrooms to improve classroom practice.  PLCs seek to answer these fundamental questions:  what do students know?  how do we know that they know?  what do we do when they don't know?  what do we do when they DO know?

Green Goals:

According to RB's District Goals, the schools has committed to the goal of improving the district's environmental health through green goals.

RB is a member of Eco-Schools.  Eco-Schools is a voluntary program adopted by schools worldwide in order to imrpove their environmental health.  The focus on Eco-Schools is to build student and community involvement in tackling environmental issues within the school building.

Visit the official link.

End Zone Garden:
Our school garden with 16 raised beds and over 25 varieties of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. The produce is enjoyed within the community and school cafeteria. Students from the SEE Team, Culinary Arts and Special Education Department work to plant the garden, create the menu of the Culinary Night in the Garden, and tend the garden. The garden has been made possible through the financial generosity and volunteer efforts of the PTO, Class of 2009, 2010, 2011, Grainger, Whole Foods, Quest and alum Mike Hornung and local Boy and Girl Scout troops.

Service Learning:

RBHS has a strong emphasis on service learning.  Organizations like Student Services, the Association of Students for Tolerance, Eco Club and others perform yearlong services projects that include neighborhood cleanup, wilderness restoration, trips to a local soup kitchen, and visits with seniors at the British Home.