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Dave Sibley
Dean of Students
Direct: 442 - 9666   Ext: 2109  Email: sibleyd (@rbhs208.net)
Heather Spry, Secretary
Direct: 442 - 8407  Ext: 2191  Email: spryh (@rbhs208.net)

Neil Dughetti
Dean of Students
Direct: 442 - 9238  Ext: 2207  Email: dughettin (@rbhs208.net)
The dean is responsible for monitoring student attendance and tardies; for processing truancy cases with Riverside Police Officers; for overseeing detentions; for supervising student co-curricular events; and for collaborating with and supervising security personnel. The dean is also responsible for participating on Student Services Support Teams; for assisting with the Student Handbook and Discipline Code; for assisting with building safety, including Crisis Plan revisions and implementation; and for assisting with Fire and Disaster Drills. Additionally, the dean assists with student behavior interventions and character education initiatives such as RtI and PBIS. The dean will also attend the annual Illinois State Deans’ Convention.