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The Riverside Brookfield High School Wellness Department is dedicated to fulfilling the mission statement of our school…”All students will be prepared with the intellectual, aesthetic, vocational, physical, personal and social skills necessary to be responsible and effective members of a diverse and changing world.”

The Wellness Department believes that education and daily participation is the key to making positive choices about one’s health. It is our responsibility as educators, to develop in our students an awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, so they can make responsible decisions and be able to consider the consequences of those decisions.

Therefore the Wellness Department will provide for the following:
  • Participation in a wide variety of activities that provides the opportunity for enjoyment, self-expression and positive social interaction.
  • The development of a wide variety of movement concepts and the refinement of motor skills
  • The development and maintenance of personal fitness
  • The acquisition of the physical skills and the knowledge of the rules and strategies of individual and team sports as well as recreational games and activities
  • The acquisition of health specific knowledge: the function of body systems and the effects of illness and disease, nutrition and the benefits of a healthy diet, human growth and development, the effects of drug abuse on the human body, and the development of interpersonal skills
  • First-aid and CPR/AED certification (Health Classes)

James Baum
Instructional Coach
Direct: 442-8728 Ext: 2291
Email: [email protected]