COVID-19 Dashboard

Positive Cases 2022-2023 School Year
The following represents the number of positive staff & student COVID-19 cases reported to Riverside Brookfield High School. This chart is updated when a case is reported to the Riverside Brookfield High School Health Office.
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COVID-19 Mitigations Measures and Guidance for the 2022-2023 School Year
Vaccination Per the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), and CDC guidelines, vaccines are strongly encouraged for students and staff. Students are encouraged to provide their most recent vaccination cards to the Health Office.
Positive COVID Test or
Exhibiting Symptoms
Regardless of vaccination status, staff and students must stay home for 5 days. Students and staff may return to school after 5 days if they are fever-free for 24 hours and symptoms are improving. A negative COVID test result is not required for return. 
Day 0: is the date of your exposure. 
Day 1: is the first full day after your symptoms developed or your test specimen was collected. 
Students’ assignments will be accessible while at home due to COVID, and any questions should be directed to students’ teacher(s) and/or counselor via email.  
COVID Testing
The Health Office will provide COVID-19 tests for symptomatic students and staff. 
Preventative Measures
Students and staff will have continued access to touchless hand washing stations, bottle filling stations, and hand sanitizer. The building will continue to maximize HVAC air exchanges and
UV filters within the cafeteria.
Changes or Updates  This mitigation plan may be updated based upon revised guidance from the ISBE, IDPH, or CDC.