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All in for Ethan Information

The week has finally arrived to support our student, Ethan Tkalec. I first wanted to say thank you to everyone for their outpouring support. It is going to be a very emotional day for him, and I know he is just going to love every bit of it.
I wanted to go over some more details for this week in case there are any questions.
1. T-Shirts have arrived. If you have ordered a t-shirt, please check your mailbox. If you don't see a t-shirt in your mailbox, check with Colette to make sure you have paid. T-Shirts are to be worn on Friday, April 27th!
2. Friday All in for Ethan Breakfast- Breakfast will be served at 7:15am in the Staff Cafe. The breakfast is being sponsored by Blueberry Hill. Please feel free to stop down any time. We are encouraging a suggested donation of $5, however any contribution is greatly appreciated. You can bring your money down with you to the breakfast. I will have a donations box set up.
3. Wednesday-Thursday events:
- Best Buddies will be selling All in for Ethan Wristbands in the cafeteria during all lunch periods. (Ethan does know about the bracelets being sold)
- There will be a card making table where students and staff can come up and write well wishes card for Ethan so that he can take those home with him Friday when he leaves school.
- There will be a candy guitar raffle give away (Thank you Colette for the awesome Candy Guitar!). It is $1 a ticket. The winner will be announced Friday during 4c lunch.
-Daily Morning announcements will be read to provide either facts about GAN or fun facts about Ethan. ATTN: ALL 1st period teachers, I am sending you a separate email of an announcement for you to read during the beginning 5 minutes of your class if you have time today.
4. Events for Friday, April 27th:
- All in for Ethan Spirit day! Wear your t-shirt. If you did not purchase a t-shirt you can wear either a "rockband" t-shirt, or yellow. Ethan's favorite color is gold, but since we don't think there are many gold shirts, yellow will do :)
-7:40am Ethan will be getting dropped off by the RB bus with friends. He will enter through the main entrance for a clap in welcome from the band, best buddies, and any and all those who want to welcome him in this day. (THIS IS A TOTAL SURPRISE)
- 4a and 4b: Selling of All in for Ethan Wristbands, raffle tickets for candy guitar, and card making.
- 4c: This is the time when Ethan will be presented with a surprise from Best Buddies, all the funds that have been donated, and the cards that everyone has made from him. During 4c, Ethan will announce the winner of the candy guitar.
-2:45pm: Band and Choir will be parading Ethan out of the building at the end of the day. This will start by the music and band room and they will head down to door G which is where Ethan typically leaves. If you have an off period and are able to attend, feel free to come on down!
Ethan's surgery will be early on Tuesday, May 1st. It is a very long procedure and will probably not be done until after school is over. Parents will be in contact with either myself or Mari Mortenson to keep us posted on Ethan's status, and we will disclose information from there. In the mean if any of you have questions or ideas please do not hesitate to email me. When I talked with Ethan's mom she was so touched to hear all of the events on Friday, and she said Ethan is going to be very emotional that day filled with joy and love for his school.
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