Traffic Update November 2016

The additional traffic due to construction continues for families coming from Brookfield, as Washington Avenue by the bridge is still under construction. Please use the alternate routes to travel to Riverside Brookfield High School and if traveling by foot, continue to use the crosswalks that are being monitored by crossing guards. Brookfield Police department continues to help direct traffic on Ridgewood and Golf before and after school.

The traffic also continues for families coming from Riverside on Ridgewood and First Avenue. Riverside Police Department continues to monitor traffic on Ridgewood and First Avenue before and after school. Additionally, First Avenue is down to one lane going northbound from Ogden towards Riverside Brookfield High school. First Avenue going south bound has areas that are down to one lane going towards Riverside Brookfield High School as well.

Please be mindful of all the traffic on all of the streets leaving and entering Riverside Brookfield High School. The weather will be changing soon which could cause the flow of traffic to slow down so please allow for extra time. Have a safe and happy holiday season.

The Dean’s Office

Dave Mannon Assistant Principal of Student Affairs
Dave Sibley Dean of Students
Neil Dughetti Dean of Students
Lori Sullivan Assistant Dean of Students