Student Bulletin Friday, December 19, 2014


•Students must take an exam in every class unless they have an exemption (refer to page 8/9 in the Student Handbook)

•If a student has study hall or is an aide 2nd period and has finals 1st and 3rd, he/she must be in attendance in 2nd period study hall. Students in all other study hall periods do not have to be in attendance.

•If a student has an Academic Support, he/she must be in attendance (except for 7th period).

•Practices for all sponsored activities will be as follows

Friday, December 19 – 1:20 p.m.


Breakfast - Breakfast items will be available in the Student Cafeteria before school, and during the passing periods.

Light Snacks - Light Snacks will be sold during Passing Periods all three testing days in the Student Cafeteria.

Passing periods:

Friday, 12/19/14: 9:30 - 9:45 a.m.

Lunch: - THE CAFETERIA WILL BE CLOSED FOR LUNCH ALL THREE TESTING DAYS. Please plan ahead if you will be in the building at lunchtime on those days.

The Cafeteria will close after the last passing period of the day

This month's winners of the BULLDOG PRIDE drawings are: Rene Cervantes, $10 Mc Donalds gift card, Ariana Campillo, $10 Panera gift card, Natalie Reyes, $25 iTunes gift card, and Sydney Selewa, $25 Buffalo Wild Wings gift card. Ms. Kennedy, Ms. Jackson, and Ms. Delgado awarded the winning BULLDOG BUCKS!! Thank you to all who participate, we will continue with BULLDOG PRIDE awards next semester. Have a wonderful break!!